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Shopfloor Management at company SCHOTT

Managing directors and executives who are responsible for production, quality, logistics or CIP.

Dates for this topic

Date Place Language Trainer Net price Registration
25.01.2017 Valašské Meziříčí Czech CZK 7.999,-
25.10.2017 Valašské Meziříčí Czech CZK 7.999,-

Why this management seminar

The term Shopfloor Management (SFM) is on everyone’s lips – and with good reason: It stands for improved leadership and organisation on the path to a Lean company. The methods and tools employed aim to improve the interaction between managers and employees, with managers themselves promoting the problem solving and improvement process. Transparent visualisation, comprehensibility and manageability play a key role in SFM. Early identification of a need for action and speedy problem solving can be achieved on a daily basis with a minimum of effort. If your company is undergoing ‘Lean Transformation’, then you should learn about Shopfloor Management and implement it! This phase requires particular behavioural strategies on the part of management. The social and leadership expertise of managers may prevent demotivation amongst employees. As a Lean manager, you increase their problem-solving competence and avoid micro-management. Take one or two days to reflect upon your own role in the change process and derive your future areas of action from this. This is an opportunity for you to learn about the new requirements placed on managers and the empowerment of employees, as well as discussing these topics with managers with practical experience and also Lean experts.

Programme content

Shopfloor Management, on-site leadership, tools and attitudes
  • From implementation of individual tools to sustained top performance through a change in leadership culture
  • Shopfloor Management focuses on particular tasks and requires specific tools and attitudes
  • Finely structured daily schedule, problem recognition, visualisation and standards to increase leadership performance
  • The manager in the role of the disciplined superior, coach, moderator and mentor
  • Shopfloor Management tools help with the fulfilment of leadership tasks
  • Daily routine is structured by the manufacturing diary
On-site process observation, meeting attendance, factory tour
  • Introduction and information about the factory
  • Success factors, resistances, status, daily routine
  • Participation in the daily morning meeting and a meeting to discuss quality requirements
  • ‘Go & see‘ – more than an info board and visualisation of performance indicators
  • Guided tour: manufacturing, assembly, information centre
  • Discussion and exchange of experiences with managers
The role of management in the continuous improvement process Résumé: own potentials and challenges
  • What potential, what opportunities do you have to manage better?
  • How does your daily routine change?
  • How are you planning your Shopfloor Management introduction process?